About Us

We are soul-seeking, passionate explorers with an endless curiosity for what’s just around the bend or atop the next peak. We are driven by a desire to connect with nature, develop new skills, and share extraordinary adventures with one another. We know that the bonds we create and the stories we share on the mountain are restorative, revitalizing, and restore our creativity.

Our Programs

Our programs are customized to challenge and reenergize your body, mind and soul while providing you with an unparalleled, luxury adventure experience. Whether you come solo or with friends, expect to find yourself surrounded with like-minded adventurers, leaders and achievers. This is no small accomplishment.

What’s Your Story?

I have been told by those who know me well that I am a fun-loving, compassionate, empowered woman, but my story is most likely similar to yours. I have been faced with many obstacles as well as many of life’s joys. I have struggled with imposter syndrome, doubting my worthiness and my abilities. I have faced paralyzing fear. I have experienced tragedy, loss, and betrayal. But I have believed all along the way that we have two choices. We can choose to stay shut down, become victims and replay the old stories staying in trauma and a defeated mid-set, or we can release, breakthrough, and experience unimaginable growth and live enriched abundant lives. We do have the choice!! We can choose to live in gratitude, we can step into our power, and we can continue to create the beautiful life of our dreams.

Whatever your story may be, your journey with Soul2Summit allows you to step back in observation, immerse yourself in nature, gain clarity on your why and purpose, become the author of your own continuing success story or just be in the moment filled with awe, appreciation and enjoyment! Be prepared to be fully embraced and supported by a tribe of friends, mentors, coaches and leaders that will assist you in propelling your visions and goals forward. A Soul2Summit experiential journey will help you break through barriers, overcome obstacles and face challenges and fears while discovering the true potential of the leader you were born to be.

Whatever brought you here, I can’t wait to hear your story and support you on your path to unlimited abundance and joy!

Andrea Landyn Ramras, S2S Founder


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